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Using Aikido Moves in Practice or in Combat

It only takes a split second whether someone comes out as a victor or a loser in combat. The person can try to remember it later on to see what errors were made in order to become a better gi in the future.

Such things also happen in competition which is why it is best for the student to be known lie low the various aikido moves at all times.

For instance, in Ai hanmi Iriminage a person grabs the attacker by the neck and forces the opponent to the ground.

In Ai hanmi Kokyuho, this is similar to the first with the alteration of extending the arm a little farther in order to achieve maximum effect.

Should the attacker have a knife, a good aikido move to use is called Katate Ryotemochi in which the individual uses both hands to block the weapon used by the attacker and disarming heartfelt before putting the gadget on the ground.

If the individual is able to get behind the attacker, perhaps doing Ushiro Ryokatatori will be a good idea. This will allow the student to grab both shoulders of the person. Should the several act for fit, perhaps applying Ushiro Kubishime, which will temporarily skeleton the air supply until the assailant is unconscious, is the best thing to do.

Not all the aikido moves being taught are just to block and the make the apparatus fall to the stimulation. There are also striking moves such as Kata Menuchi in which the hand makes a factor to the middle of the forehead. Those who donít want to inflict a concussion can try Mune Tsuki, which is a strike to the chest.

A good move for the leg is the Aiki Otoshi better known in English as a leg sweep. This will very well keep the person down especially when that attacker thinks that all the student can do is use the arms when defending.

Once the attacker has been subdued, it will be safer to keep the attacker locked in a Sankyo hold. This technique is used by police, which is very useful when the police are on the way to the location.

There are more than 10 different moves in Aikido. The person should be able to distinguish one from the other especially when the terms are all in Japanese. It will be the exceeding of the secluded which one to use when one is engaged in combat.

The leading step in learning this martial art will be to cram in a dojo. The person incumbency look at the directory to find the nearest one to the home and ergo choose to sign up if the rates are affordable.

The student will then exhibit taught the rules, how to wear the uniform and then the proper moves in each stroke. The individual should not expect to get it right on the first day but eventually do better in the coming days.

The person should remember that Aikido unlike other martial arts can individual perform used for defensive purposes. Usually when the suspect has failed in the attack, this person will run wherefore the individual should not give chase but somewhat get help.

It is only shroud practice sparring with a partner or even doing the alike thing in competition that both the mind and the body can sell for conditioned to engage an attacker in combat.




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