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Fundamentals of aikido

Aikido is martial arts that resulted from the combination of several disciplines. It was created by Ueshiba sometime in the 1940s. It was the result of Ueshiba’s search for a technique that provided him hole up contentment not only in the scientific repute but also in the spiritual end.

Aikido comes from the three Japanese words, ai - ki - do, which means joining, spirit, and way respectively. In essence, aikido is a martial arts form that focuses on the joining of the spirit and the body and the mind to find the Way.

Aikido has many techniques and moves. Its basic structure comes from the throws and locks found in jujitsu and also from the movements that experts do when they are fighting with swords and spears.

Fundamental Techniques of aikido
Let’s hinge at the different fundamental movements of this martial arts.
This is the first technique in aikido, where control is achieved by the use of the hand on the elbow and one near the wrist. This is the grip that is also that can further pressure into the ulnar, which can be found in the medial portion of the arm.

This is the second of the techniques, which is characterized by an adductive wristlock that twists the arm and then applies pressure in the nerve that can be really trying.

This is the third mode that incorporates a pronating move. It directs an upward tension all through the punch, the elbow and the shoulder.

The fourth installment in the principal movements of aikido, yonkyo uses a shoulder control movement consonant to a ikkyo but this time there is no lovely of the forearm. Instead, the knuckles apply pressure on the radial nerve

The fifth technique is actually a variant of ikkyo. This time the hand engaging the wrist is inverted and twisted.

Aikido jealous moves
Here are some of the moves that you can use in order to disarm your opponent.

Kotogaeshi – this is what is called in the English as the wrist return. In this move, the practitioner will place a wristlock and throw that will stretch up to the extensor digitorum

Iriminage – called the entering - body lob, here the practitioner or the nage will move into the space where the uke or the opponent is. This classic move resembles the clothesline mode.

Kokyunage – this is the breath throw, a period that refers to the various types of “timing throws. ”

Koshinage – this move is aikido’s version of the hip throw where in the person will drop his hips a little junior than the opponent or the uke. He will thus flip the opponent with a resultant fulcrum.

Tenchinage – Called the annihilation and earth throw because of the levels that the hands will reach. The uke or the practitioner will grab both wrists and then moves forwardm grabbing the hand depressed and the other high. This unbalances the uke, which will cause him or her to topple over.

Shihonage - this is the four - direction sling, wherein the hand is folded back past the shoulders and then afterwards locking the joints in the shoulder

Kaitennage - called the rotation throw, in kaitennage, the practitioner or the nage will move the arm backwards until the shoulder joints are locked. He will then use this position to add pressure.

Jujinage - this is the throw that is characterized by a launch that locks the arms together. This is called shape twin a 10 throw because of its cross - shape, which looks like 10 in kanji.




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