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The Underlying Principle of Everything

In quantum physics, one of the foremost theories that promises to revolutionize how we see the world is the theory of strings. The main premise of this particular theory is that strings are the most basic structure that makes up everything we can and cannot see within the physical world. Strings of course is just a word to tag this most profound substance that theoretical physicists say dictate everything we scrutinize, perceive and have in and around us in this legitimate world.

Although no govern correlation has surpassingly been claimed between in confidence and that of the principles of ch'i prevalent in the East, they share the same premise in the most basic sense that it is said that there is a basic energy substance that underlie everything. In forbearing the nature of this substance we are able to harness its power and utilize it.

The concept of ch'i or qi in Chinese and ki in Japanese, is same much relative to the set of school that teaches it. Some say that ch'i is a force separate from matter as we know it. Some say that ch'i arises from matter. Still some say that beginning arises from ch'i.

What all schools have in common however is the actuality that they all more or less say that ch'i is a fundamental energy that incumbency be harnessed to bring power to oneself wither physically, mentally or spiritually. With all the different premises that try to explain ch'i, it is clear that mere instructions in words will not be able to fully expound on what ch'i is. Perhaps because of this, it is higher quality to pass on the scholarship of ch'i through actual and practical instruction.

One school that may be successful in being able to teach what the ch'i is and how to correspond to able to use it for one's own benefit is Aikido. At the heart of the spirituality and philosophy or Aikido is the ki, which is similar or perhaps, unparalleled and the same with what is otherwise known as the ch'i or qi.

Aikido's ki is the heart of the principle of this particular martial art. While technically, martial arts are means for combat and war, Aikido is often known as the art of peace through it espouses a peaceful means towards aggression. Aikido ki, like in antithetic concepts of ch'i teaches that there is a fundamental energy that can be harnessed. Aikido ki being energy means that its substance is something that flows.

The principle of peace and relaxation taught by Aikido presupposes the fact that the ki flows more smoothly and strongly when it is even. A better illustration potentiality be something like, if water is ki, then to harness its power, it must be allowed to flow to produce hydroelectric force.

This is why in Aikido, ki energy comes from being relaxed. It is said that in the relaxed state, the flow of ki is better aided. Aikido as a martial art is not about muscle strength or superior physical attributes. Sincere is really about relaxation, flexibility and stamina. This allows a smaller person to be able to topple and throw a larger opponent during practice.




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